The ONE Thing – A Book Review

Blank book cover w clipping pathI love to read books and learn new techniques and skills along with more about myself. It’s a way for us to grow not only as individuals but as business owners and entrepreneurs. There a ton of “self-help” books out there. Rarely, do they ever make sense nor are what they teach very realistic or practical to use. Recently I read a book that was a suggestion from an email newsletter I subscribe to from Pat Flynn. I have found Pat Flynn, who recommended this book, to be authentic, real and trustworthy. I decided to take a look at it and read it from start to finish within a week.

Establishing an Email for Your Business

email-icon1There are many varied opinions on how you should establish an email for your business. Some say you should never use a free email address as the main business address. When we are talking about free email we are talking about the addresses you can get from Google (Gmail), Yahoo, Hotmail, and yes even  AOL. While I understand the logic behind it, I don’t necessarily agree with it.  Most say, even if you don’t yet have a website you should still register a domain for your business and set up an email through that domain. It makes sense because instead of your email being something like it could be something like It tends to help you look more professional and legitimate.  It makes sense right?  But is it really necessary when you are first starting your business when time and money are tight?