Nancy Nelson

Part Time Proprietor

My name is Nancy Nelson. Yes, I am a real live honest person.  I have a husband, three children, and one dog. I live in a small rural northwest Iowa town. I think the potential for building a highly profitable and successful business is awesome both online and at home. The beauty of the whole online business model is you can set it up from anywhere in the world you choose. So when you live in a small town with limited options but you really love the small town lifestyle then an online business is a great option for you.

I am developing this blog about building a successful business from the ground up. Bootstrapping, if you will. I definitely am not claiming to know everything about the business world but I am constantly learning and I invite you to learn right along with me. We are going to start with basic knowledge and move into technical aspects as we move forward.

The entrepreneurial spirit has been with me since I was a young girl. There is just something magical about building a business from the ground up. I am forever a student, always striving to learn and expand my skills in the business world. I am also a teacher of sorts working to help people develop skills they thought impossible to develop. While the idea of a highly successful business is appealing there is also the matter of life in general. You know bills to pay, activities to attend, home maintenance, etc. We all still need that steady flow of income until our “ship comes in”. In my case I work part-time as an employee and operate my business part-time. My husband works full-time in construction. We have a life to live and it isn’t going to wait for us to get rich quick. That’s why I am building Part Time Proprietor because someday I know our “ship will arrive” but until then we have to build that ship.


I am inspired by the successful underdogs of the world as well as the mega-successful who wouldn’t give up in spite of criticism. I want to inspire, learn, teach and profit. Won’t you join me on this journey of building a life through a business?
I am going to promise you four things from this blog:

  • I promise to only share information that I have tried and tested for myself.
  • I promise to be honest with my findings.
  • I promise that any products promoted on this website are legitimate and used personally by me. That includes any ads on the sides and links in the posts.
  • I promise we will have fun learning and growing successful together.

I hope you find great value in Part-Time Proprietor.
Let’s get started, shall we? Be sure and subscribe to stay up to date with the information I share.