Blank book cover w clipping pathI love to read books and learn new techniques and skills along with more about myself. It’s a way for us to grow not only as individuals but as business owners and entrepreneurs. There a ton of “self-help” books out there. Rarely, do they ever make sense nor are what they teach very realistic or practical to use. Recently I read a book that was a suggestion from an email newsletter I subscribe to from Pat Flynn. I have found Pat Flynn, who recommended this book, to be authentic, real and trustworthy. I decided to take a look at it and read it from start to finish within a week.

The book is insightful, practical, and was an eye opener for me personally and professionally. The author is Gary Keller with Jay Papasan both who are popular online business people, I am guessing. The book takes you through the myths of multitasking and provides a great method for finding your ultimate purpose. It made me really reflect on what my ultimate purpose is in this life. Then it helps you narrow down, and narrow down, and narrow down to help you get to the actual task or activity that can help you towards your bigger purpose. The information applies to all facets of your life whether it is health, business, spiritual, personal or anything else.

The main question asked throughout the book was, “What is the ONE Thing I can do today that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” The word phrase that really stuck out to me was “I CAN DO”. Not what should I do, not what could I do. I find myself asking the question everyday but not before I defined my ultimate purpose. Want to know what I came up with?the-one-thing-the-surprisingly-simple-truth-behind-extraordinary-results-17-638

My Lifelong Purpose Statement

“My purpose in the next five years is to be free of financial burdens that limit my ability to help myself, my family, other people, and my community.  When I am free of those financial burdens, my purpose is to become wealthy enough to achieve my personal goals for my family, other people, and my community for the rest of my life and beyond. Leave a legacy for my family, other people, and my community.”

I know that is really broad and sort of vague but when I went through the process outlined in the book I could really narrow it down to the one task I can do at this moment that will move me toward that goal. Pretty cool, I think.

The book is affordable, not costing more than any other book you would normally buy and you can purchase other companion pieces to go with it. I just enjoyed the book and got a lot out it, so I didn’t find it necessary to purchase the other pieces. But you might decide you need more and that’s okay.

Disclosure: The photos for the book products below are Affiliate Links when you click on them and buy the product I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support is very appreciated. And this my friends is one more thing I can do to help move toward my purpose. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

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